Welcome to Oljeteknik

Oljeteknik is a leader in equipment for fuel handling for the airline industry in the Nordic countries. On behalf of the leading oil companies, we handle both service and installation for the majority of the country's airports. A growing area of activity is the installation and service of oil refineries and oil depots.


Our expertise extends to and beyond the development and production of both dispenser vehicles and the latest in fuelling trucks technology. We become involved at an early stage and together with the client we develop a complete system, which subsequently is implemented in their organization.


In recent years we have strengthened our position in the Nordic market and our ambition is to grow further in all the Nordic countries, through organic growth in existing markets and business areas, as well as by starting activities towards new customers and customer segments.


Handling of aviation fuel is regulated by a strict regulatory framework, which forms the basis of all the work Oljeteknik performs.

Our customers are satisfied customers and we are proud to have a variety of established and reputed companies from various industries in our customer list. We see it as a strength to work with clients from many sectors.

Västerås Oljeteknik

Kokillgatan 4

721 33 Västerås



+46 (0)21 12 68 17

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